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great new pronoun contest

So I'm at my sisters house. Got to get the illustrations sent to soon and I'm just hiding and working on that. everything is at a stand still. my art is in limbo. my canadian legitamacy i dont qualify for until december 5th. at that same time i finally become eligible for the GOVERNMENT PUSSY. so I am ditching my house and girl friends and art shows to be a homeless leach in canadia and wait until i can apply to be on a 2 year waiting list for government pussy. I spent the last 7 years a woman without a pussy. I like boys. My life has been fucking insane. I'm pretty damn sure that I now alot of boys who are ok with fucking a woman with a past but just no dick shit.

i am cultivating my new pet effeminate boy who is way to my liking but he is in montreal and i am in gloucester and we come from slightly different .... i dunno,, we have nuthing in common but we like everything eachother likes. and he got a girlfriend too. he is way sweeter to his girlfriend than i am to mine. me and my girlfriend had a disscussion along time ago about how love and feelings are gross. but you have to do them. just like shitting and fucking and pissing and eating.

crap, my sister is home i gotta get off the lap top.

the DMV is on strike. so i'm waiting to be able to get a drivers licence so i can buy a truck so i can start a diesel to grease truck conversion and flipping sceme. like i buy trucks and convert them to grease and sell them for a $1000 mark up. Boook gave me $300 for being the live on board mechanic of the Low Maintenance. I consider boook kinna like my sister I like to fuck. sister as in we sometimes got in knife fights and we had this weird fucking stoner love triangle of destruction with Demolish. I miss you Book. I have the patsy cline cassette tape with noise distortion and i'm keeping her forever cuz those songs make me feel like theres angels that love me.

i need to actually email my girlfriend to tell her to read my letter i wrote to her in my blog.
i need to fix it and actually mail it to her.

did you see me draft a love letter to carriage in here last week ?? and a love letter to myself and my bike and cowgirl boots ? I never sent any of thos letters. I just write open letters to people now. i write stories about people and post them on line. instead of letters.

see: Living out of boxes and suitcases movement

great new pronoun contest !!!!

for the longest time i thought people asking eachother their pronouns was disrespectful. I got in fights for people asking that.

now I'm old and have more important things to worry about. pronouns are everywere in the year 288 and you'll never be able to avoid them unless you'r willing to kill a few people. But did you know that pronouns come in a dozen dozen options ?!?!?

in the american south I meet a great spectrum of gender glitchy people who Identify as "miss". this spans from queens to fags to other gender sexualitys that you find in the modern vaudville and circus scenes. I know a Miss Carriage, Miss Mike, Miss Steak, and Miss cow girl jonny. My code name for my terribly drenching obsession with Miss Carriage (who is kinna hitting on me back a little....) is Miss Laid.

and from the fierce queens of time imemorial, Princess !! Lots of princessess in the punk rock and damaged hipsters worlds. I must say now that I have met a Scum Bag Princess and Princess Princess, but not yet a Miss Miss. there are 3 active Miss Princesses in amerika right now. that dutch princess changed her name to Oat did not change her prin cess pronoun. cuz its tattooed on her knuckles.

Sterile amerika, her pronoun is Anti pronouns. Like you just say "sterile's over there" or "sterile just left" There is a secret formul for that that i cant quite explain.

different slightly from tara Cupcake having the pronoun ( and gender Identity) Cupcake. cuz cupcake sort of trails more back in to miss princess territory with cutesy eupemism pronouns like Toots, or Dollface, or Bunny, or Bastard. Speaking of Miss Carriage, Scum bag princess, and bunny bastard: I could almsot go off on a tangent about imaginary friend identities right here but I gotta get off the computer.

Guage a while back started everybuddy saying "gender identity A with B Forms of address"

as in Sir lady, or lady bastard. Its also the formula for were people Like Miss Mike emerge from. Sir is a very common pronoun too.

sterile was also in to using snarky pronouns when pissed off. ass put downs for other gender glitches or the cry of injured animals flocking together to nuzzle before they went out hunting, Its a fun pronoun cuz It's scarry and unsettling. there is something frightening about being an IT.

So this my me official pronoun survey great new pronoun contest of 288 !!! send me all the pronouns you have an i will lock them up in Tr* because Tr*nnypunk dot com is a high rank for google searches for {trans-punks, diy hormones, punk tranny porn, detransition,} and If Tr*nny punk is really gonna gain crucial control of the modern trans people media, Then I want to seize control of what is your pronoun preference, can we do pronouns.

Sisters and Brothers !!! Should we not take control of pronouns right now and break them and re make them. Lets beat plowshares in to chain saws and carve every block of soap in to a fake gun we make black with boot black !! the Pronouns will be ours !!! hundreds of different ones !!!

Help me collect all the different pronouns so we can creat a real map of the bottom of our Gender Glitch Life Experiencing persons ocean. !!! Lets seize the means of Pronoun tion today !!!

Pleas copy this Great new Pronoun Contest and redistribute to all your email friends and copy it on your blog and make photocopies of it and hand it our and print the whole thing out and put it in your zine and carry a copy on you. carry extea copies for people you meet or fliering windshields.

Email Pronouns (with pronoun explanations. Lists arent real unless you lable the list.) to my work email: Miss Lily Bloodguts, Tr*nnypunk North amerikan Cell,

I hope I remember to put this as the home page for TRNNYPX. I also gotta repost it a few places and fix the spelling.

a few years ago Miss Bryn tipped me off that "what" is a legal pronoun. in fact What is my other pronoun second after Miss. but when you call me what you have to pronounce it properly which is in a long lazt stoner drawl.


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