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I'm currently using the following pronouns:

They preferentially, then other genderqueer pronouns (kind of self-explanatory, I just realized that after years of using ze/hir I was still having trouble, and they was less spotlighting of the fact that someone wasn't using he or she for me)

Sparkly Purple Unicorn pronouns (just replacing my name with "sparkly purple unicorn" - "Sparkly Purple Unicorn is over there. That is Sparkly Purple Unicorn's.") - it's the middle name cen gave me, and also I am a sparkly purple unicorn.

queen pronouns (generally just referring to me as "that queen" - "That queen is over there. That is that queen's." Bonus points for using "that queen".) I picked it up/queen pronouns started getting used for me by a few other people at Camp this past year and in Asheville.

tree pronouns which are tree/tree/tree's and treeself. Oliver didn't want to call a tree it, and just was using tree, and so I joked that I used tree pronouns. Someone actually heard that this was one of the pronouns I used and it was the only one she'd use for me. Which was pretty rad. "Tree is over there. That is tree's."

I guess that is about it. I still sometimes use the X pronouns and Y forms of address thing, but I'm getting more and more ridiculous with it. Like "they and queen forms of address" or "they and faggot forms of address". I'm more just seeing pronouns as a joke lately and just don't want people to use he, she, or it for me.

Gauge Sparkly Purple Unicorn Freyjasbarn

keep those "lady"s and "sargent"s coming... send all the pronouns you have to

things to do:

pronoun article.
O hell I dont wanna be a tr*nny no more. (liberal Pc killed the bar girl.)
gender work book didnt take my entry cuz i never finished it and it wasnt in word format and It was written in Sybil Lamb high as a jay-bird Lamguage.

ooops, Sarah really did get deleted with the geocities implosion.

i think i need to write a new resume...

focus on film,theater tech. healthier than becoming a web designer...
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